Periodontal Dentistry South San Jose

Periodontal South San JosePeriodontal disease is characterized by a presence of disease-causing bacteria, inflammation of the gums, and loss of bone around the teeth. The goal of treating gum disease is preventing the progression of periodontal disease and eliminating the inflammation in the mouth. Treating the periodontal disease will not only reduce the risk of gum disease and bone loss, but also reduce the chances of developing other serious illnesses that may be related to the inflammation in your mouth.

Periodontitis is a collection of inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth. Periodontitis involves progressive loss of the bone around teeth which may lead to loosening and eventual loss of teeth if untreated. New scientific information is increasingly finding an “oral-systemic link” showing that our oral health plays a role in our total well-being.

There is no cure, but periodontitis is treatable with a proper program of dental hygiene.

At Dilber Sraon DDS Inc., we’ve always seen the mouth as the gateway to total health. Given the recent scientific studies linking periodontal disease directly to life-threatening conditions, our approach and our services help you understand the warning signs, and to take action to help bring your body into balance.

You’ll hear us talk with urgency about periodontal health. We’ll chart the health of your gums with every hygiene visit, create a customized oral hygiene program for you, and give you extra coaching about what you can do at home to address this disease. And you’ll hear us talk about the leading edge technologies we’re now using, like lasers that use light energy to painlessly kill bacteria in the gum pockets, and site-specific, antibacterial Arestin® therapy.

At Dilber Sraon DDS Inc., South San Jose Dentist Dr. Sraon offers the following Periodontal Dental Services:

  • Scaling & Root Planing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Pocket Reduction
  • Soft Tissue Grafts
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Perio Maintenance

Dilber Sraon DDS Inc. is the dental practice to trust for the best care in South San Jose. Learn more about Periodontal Services when you visit our practice. Please give South San Jose Dentist Dr. Sraon a call (408)227-1404 or send us an email to schedule your visit today.

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